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Kirjokivi Manor is not only a cultural attraction but also an atmospheric place for unforgettable stays

Manor built in the late 1890s in Vuohijärvi, Kymenlaakso, next to Repovesi National Park

The milieu of the manor is also suitable for various meeting needs, such as the board and management teams, or for a day of recreation. Kirjokivi Manor is located next to Repovesi National Park, which enables a touch of luxury in connection with nature tourism. There is also a walking trail in Kartano Park, which offers the opportunity to get acquainted with special vegetation planted already in the 19th century.

Accommodation in Kirjokivi manor

At Kirjokivi Manor, our visitors can stay in individual suites or romantic rooms in the Manor's courtyard.

The Manor Restaurant serves carefully thought-out menus from local producers, as well as wonderful experiences with quality wines. In the courtyard of the manor, on the shores of Lake Tihvetjärvi, there are also high-quality sauna facilities, which offer relaxed facilities for relaxation, a lot of relaxation for the baths, and an opening for the bravest coolers in winter.

During the summer, the Kirjokivi Manor serves its visitors daily. During the winter season, the Manor is open to groups by appointment.

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Restaurant in the manor hall

Dine like a gentleman in the romantic Kirjokivi Manor, built in the late 1890s.

In the manor restaurant, you can dine or party in style. The atmosphere of the manor, our knowledgeable staff, and carefully planned menus guarantee a successful opportunity. It is important to us that we know the origin of the food, so we use the products of nearby producers in our menus. We work closely with producer families and know how they work, so each serving has its own story.

Dining at Kirjaokivi Manor is crowned by carefully selected quality wines. In the manor, you are allowed to enjoy the gentleman's style! The manor has three halls of different sizes, the Gustavian Hall, the Fireplace Hall, and the Library. Our restaurant there are 60 places to eat indoors, in summer there are also the magnificent terraces of the Manor.

In summer, Kartanon Restaurant serves visitors daily, in winter the restaurant is open to groups by appointment.

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