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Tykkimäki offers a day full of fun and entertainment!

Our traditional Theme Park, our exciting Aquapark for all kinds of splashers and our Actionpark for lively indoor activities will keep you moving and laughing, whatever your age.
Our summery theme park offers a boisterous but clean and safe environment for hours of joyful fun. The 40 or so rides and games at Tykkimäki make for constant high-speed action.

I’ll race you to the rides!

The 72 metre-high Star Flyer that reaches speeds of up to 70 km/hour! And the Loop Fighter that really spins you around. There are also plenty of fun things to do for those wanting something a little more relaxing.

A day full of excitement!

The Atreenalin Rope Trail going through a pine forest will challenge even more experienced adventurers.
In the shade of the forest hides our exciting Mini Farm full of adorable animals.

The most fun you have ever had!

For the best and most enjoyable trip to Tykkimäki, get the Park Hopper combination bracelet! You can enjoy all the rides in the theme park, have a splashing time in Aquapark and energetic fun in Actionpark.

Contact and open info

Tykkimäen huvipuisto
Address: Kanuunakuja 2, 45200 Kouvola

Tel +358 778 700
Email huvipuisto@tykkimaki.fi

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