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Welcome to Oravasalmi! - Villas near Repovesi National Park

Our quality, comfortable and beautifully decorated villas are located on a strait between two clearwater lakes known as Suolajärvi and Siikajärvi, in Kouvola. Surrounded by calm breath-taking nature, they are available all-year-round.

Each villa has a child-friendly beach only 30m away.

Oravasalmi villas are perfect for corporate and business partner accommodation, holding events, and for families who appreciate quality. Catering available through our partners.

Smoke sauna

Unique and atmospheric smoke sauna can be enjoyed by ten people at a time. Under the same roof there are showers, bathroom and a comfortable living room with a fireplace.

Smoke sauna is available for use all year round. In winter, ice swimming possible.

Contact info and open


Mrs Milla Horppu

Puh +358 40 5765545
Email: info@oravasalmi.com

Villas are open all-around year