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History of the Model railway from yesterday to the present days.

The model railway museum is a meeting place, where the railway-engines stand on their heads and run lying on their backs with the true sounds of whistling, puffing and blowing and with many surprises in store. You will be reminded of your childhood and forget your everyday worries when you see these steam-engines.

Answers to many questions

Do you know what a glass marble-race is and how it works? Or why the model-engine in the museum does not fall down from the ceiling? How many tons of coal does the fireman shovel into an engine's furnace? Or what is a reed-contact? Do you know the future of the Railway and Container-Transport or the speed of the modern fast trains of today?

For collectors

Learn and experience how you should take care of your model railway, so that your childhood treasures keep their value. Even for the collector and the expert there are plenty of unknown and unexpected exhibits to discover as well.

Cafeteria Onkapannu

There is a nice coffee shop with excellent coffee, tea and refreshments.
The nice environment and the scent of the pastry in the house make you stay even longer.

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