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Get familiar with our Nature in six days

We follow like an ancient inhabitant water that flows from lakes along the river to the sea. During the tour you may enjoy our clear lakes, pure nature and the hospitality of the host families.

Wellcome to our lake area

The first evening is time to get familiar with each other and for rest. On the second day we visit in Repovesi National Park. The park is famous about views, lakes and very old rocks. We do a guided hiking trip in forest and a paddling trip with big canoes. The following day we will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Verla groundwood and board mill.

From lakes to the river "Kymijoki"

On the river we have an exciting white water rafting trip. The trip goes through an old forest and nearly untouched river. In the evening, the silence of nature invites you to come and enjoy nice bath in Finnish sauna. On the next day we do a small hiking trip before we go to sea area. Our target is incredibly peaceful and beautiful marshlands, Valkmusa National Park.

Enjoy our sea area

The fresh sea climate welcomes us to an old time village called Rakinkotka. The village is a memory of the past and the completely self-sufficient in energy production is a blast from the future. The nature of the island is exceptionally versatile and beautiful. We create delicious meals using seafood, vegetables and root vegetables of the island.

Booking and availability

The tour is co-operation of tree companies: Repovesikeskus, Majatalo Torppa and Vimpa Islands

Booking and requests:

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